Details On Alex Garland’s FX Series

On the eve of the release of “Ex Machina” filmmaker Alex Garland’s new sci-fi feature “Annihilation,” the writer/director has revealed some new details about the eight-episode event series he recently set up at FX.

Speaking with Collider, Garland confirmed the project will be titled “Devs” with the episodes serving as a self-contained story with an ending that does leave the door open for more if they want to continue. Additionally, the plan is to film later this year which would suggest an early 2019 bow. Explaining the premise (albeit vaguely), Garland says:

“Devs, as in Developers… It’s about a particular aspect of technology at the moment which is to do with very, very big data and very powerful processing power, and what can happen when you put those two things together. It’s set in San Francisco, a sort of tech story.

If they want to carry it on, I guess they could do, it’s a self-contained story though. But there are ways you could carry it on. Provided [we still have the greenlight], hopefully shooting in about six months. I’ve started talking about casting, locations, practical stuff like that.”

The project is currently in pre-production and has been given the green light from the network so it is moving forward.