Details On A Scrapped “Friday the 13th”

At last report Platinum Dunes was still working on its next chapter in the “Friday the 13th” franchise, a series that has been dormant since the 2009 first reboot which starred Jared Padalecki and was produced by Michael Bay.

That film was a solid success for New Line, raking in $91.4 million from a $19 million budget, yet talk of a follow-up has only seemingly ever been that – talk. Languishing in development hell, and finding its rights shift back to Paramount as part of a deal for the rights to Chris Nolan’s “Interstellar,” things seemed to get moving again last year as both “The Signal” director David Bruckner and “Hannibal” TV scribe Nick Antosca came onboard.

Then the film got pushed back yet again as it looked like the project hit a speed bump in December with Bruckner opting out of the film and “Prisoners” scribe Aaron Guzikowski coming onboard for script re-writes. Speaking with Hitfix this week, Bruckner discussed his departure which sounds like it was due to creative differences. Most interesting though was he revealed what his and Antosca’s proposed take on the material would have been:

“It was a proper ‘end of the summer’ summer camp movie that took place in the late ’80s…I like to say that ‘Dazed and the Confused’…was a huge inspiration to me in how we approached the character relationships, just because that’s a movie that captures a kind of a timeless – even though it takes place in the ’70s – a very timeless, nostalgic experience.

And it’s very much – you chart several characters at once, it’s very much an ensemble piece, and you really are able to get at this coming of age vibe. I just wanted to see a movie where you’re that invested in everybody and [then] Jason Voorhees [shows up].”

Still no recent developments on the 2017 film, but it has been reported that a new “Friday the 13th” TV series is in the works for The CW.