Details Emerge On Hunnam’s “50 Shades” Exit

It has taken a few days, but new behind-the-scenes details have emerged regarding Charlie Hunnam’s sudden departure from the film adaptation of erotic bestseller “Fifty Shades Of Grey” at Universal Pictures.

THR reports that Hunnam, who had previously passed on an offer for the role before they came back to him, felt uneasy about the frenzy (and fallout) surrounding his casting as Christian Grey. He kept on though, submitting some “very detailed script notes” about Kelly Marcel’s draft. They were well-received enough it led to Hunnam seeking script approval, which he didn’t get.

The actor was only set to earn around $125,000 from the movie – not a particularly large sum considering the high profile nature of the film (in comparison, a then unknown Robert Pattinson scored $2 million for the first “Twilight”). Also not a lot when you consider both the media and personal scrutiny Hunnam was already under even before the film was shot.

Hunnam, who has yet to speak on the matter, also allegedly began clashing creatively with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. This ultimately led to him departing the project for what sounds like the most understandable reason of all – he wasn’t comfortable doing it.

The search for the new Christian Grey continues.