Despite Reviews, “The Mummy” To Open Big

Reviews for Universal Pictures’ “The Mummy” have been utterly dire, with the film clocking up just 21% and a 4.4/10 average rating on Rotten Tomatoes, putting it behind last Summer’s notable flop “Suicide Squad”. The domestic box-office forecast for this weekend isn’t very promising either with the $125 million-budge movie looking to score a $35 million domestic opening.

However, what may save it is the overseas market where Tom Cruise has been hard at work on the press rounds for this. That effort is paying off, with the overseas box-office projections to be in the $125-150 million range from playing in 63 territories.

That puts the movie in reach of surpassing the $167.4 million three day worldwide box office opening for the Cruise-led “War of the Worlds” over a decade ago, and so make it the actor’s biggest global bow in the process.

The big question though is will Alex Kurtzman’s action/horror film earn enough for the studio to continue on with its planned shared cinematic universe of classic Universal monster film reboots.

Source: Deadline