“Despicable” Scribes Adapting “Birthright”

Universal Pictures has picked up the film rights to Joshua Williamson’s Image Comics series “Birthright” with plans to adapt it into a feature.

The story involves a family who, a year after their youngest son Mikey vanishes without a trace, are visited by a fully grown and Conan-like man claiming to be him.

This Mikey reveals in the year he was away that he was in a fantastical land called Terranos (where time moves quicker) and that he’s only been able to return home now that he has defeated the tyrannical God-King Lore in the other world.

Soon, more things from Terranos begin to make their way into the real world bringing magic and destruction.

“Despicable Me” writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio will pen the script for the film which “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman will produce alongside David Alpert, Bryan Furst, Sean Furst, and Jeb Brody.

Source: Heat Vision