Despicable Beats “Ranger” At Box-Office

Another weekend, another comedy looks set to easily top a big-budget action tentpole opening the same day.

Universal’s 3D animated “Despicable Me 2” is aiming for a five-day opening holiday weekend somewhere around $120 million. The film already pulled in $30-35 million on its opening day on Wednesday.

The film now goes head to head with Disney’s expensive western “The Lone Ranger” which looks like it will only haul in around $50-60 million over the same five-day period. Its opening day haul yesterday was a modest $11-12 million.

When comparing budgets, things are laid out even more starkly – ‘Despicable’ cost a fairly modest $76 million for a tentpole film. ‘Ranger’ on the other hand is said to have cost at least $250 million. Adding to the problems is that westerns don’t travel well internationally.

Source: THR