Designer Talks “Alien: Covenant” Costumes

Filming begins shortly on Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant,” the upcoming sequel to his “Prometheus” and part of a prequel trilogy to his “Alien” films that will further explore the links between the two properties.

As we know, the new film will follow the crew of the colony ship Covenant which includes Katherine Waterston’s Daniels character. Bound for a remote planet, the uncharted paradise they seek turns out to be a dark and dangerous world whose sole inhabitant is David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

Speaking with the film’s costume designer Janty Yates this week to promote the home video release of Scott’s “The Martian,” Yates confirmed to Collider that ‘Covenant’ is set a decade beyond the events of “Prometheus” and that don’t expect the same types of flashy looking costumes for the new outing:

“[Alien: Covenant is] not so much of a spacesuit movie. There are two different spacesuits in it, but it’s not a great spacesuit movie. We are only carrying on one look from Prometheus, which is with David, the robot. He’s just got the hangover of the Prometheus 1 spacesuit. It’s 10 years in the future beyond Prometheus.”

Yates, who has been the filmmaker’s go to costume designer since “Gladiator,” added that Scott has signed off on the two different spacesuits, but couldn’t offer any details about how differe they are from the Prometheus suits. “Prometheus” star Noomi Rapace is said to only have a small role in the follow-up, while no other casting is yet locked.

“Alien: Covenant” is currently targeting an October 2017 release.