Depp Tops List Of Most Overpaid Actors

Forbes has released their annual list of overpaid actors with Johnny Depp once again topping the chart following a win last year.

The list itself continues to be increasingly odd in its classification – only taking the last three films of each actor into account and setting the cutoff at films released before July. This year’s Top 10:

1. Johnny Depp
2. Will Smith
3. Channing Tatum
4. Will Ferrell
5. George Clooney
6. Adam Sandler
7. Mark Wahlberg
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
9. Julia Roberts
10. Bradley Cooper

Depp’s last three movies returned just $2.80 at the box office for every $1 he was paid on them. Smith came in with $5 for every $1, though his count doesn’t include “Suicide Squad”. Depp will also likely slip down a bit next year when the next “Pirates of the Caribbean” opens.