Depp Set, Tom Hardy Circles “Black Mass”

Johnny Depp is confirmed to be returning while Tom Hardy is in early talks to join the Whitey Bulger biopic “Black Mass”.

Depp previously signed on and then quit the project last year which seemed to stall until Scott Cooper entered talks to direct last month.

Depp would play the notorious Boston gangster has also served as the inspiration for a number of fictional Boston crime bosses. If he joins, Hardy would play his FBI handler John Connolly who was also a childhood friend of Bulger.

In the 1970s, the pair joined forces with Bulger turning in his rivals to consolidate his power while Connolly scored the professional benefits of being the man who helped dismantle the mob.

Eventually, Connolly was convicted of racketeering, obstruction of justice, and second-degree murder. Bulger was finally captured in 2011.

Mark Mallouk penned the script based on Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill’s 2001 book. Cooper is said to be working on a rewrite of the script with filming to begin in May.

Source: Deadline