Depp Not In “Cabret”, Loki Not Set For “Avengers”

With Johnny Depp producing Martin Scorsese’s new movie “Hugo Cabret”, it wasn’t a huge surprise when a photo that went online last week seemed to show the actor in costume on set, indicating that he would make an on-screen appearance.

Now, Paramount tells Cinema Blend that Depp is not in the photo, it’s “just some random guy in a mustachio”. They didn’t outright deny Depp’s involvement, but it’s now looking unlikely we’ll see him in the final film.

Meanwhile, actor Tom Hiddleston spoke with some adorable young ruffian from Empire at a red carpet event in London this week and was directly asked if he and his “Thor” character of Loki will be appearing in Marvel’s team-up project “The Avengers”.

Hiddleston says he still doesn’t know himself and has been repeatedly asking his agent about it. He also adds that Joss Whedon is still writing the script so for now he has to wait and see like everyone else.