Departed, Green, Sandman & Other Bits

Forget the sequel & prequel talk, the latest word through Cinema Blend is that William Monahan is writing TWO sequels to “The Departed” following Mark Wahlberg’s Digman character.

Bryce Dallas Howard is in talks to take a lead role in M. Night Shyamalan’s “Green Planet”, the third teaming for the pair according to filmick.

Out doing “The Number 23” promotions, director Joel Schumacher (“The Lost Boys”, “Batman & Robin”) told IESB he would like a go at directing an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”.

The original UK “Office” star Ricky Gervais is apparently set for the lead role in a romantic comedy feature says filmick

“I think they may have talked at different times to my representation, but no decision has been made. It would be fun” said Ryan Phillippe to IGN Movies about potentially playing Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight”.