Departed Also Becoming A Trilogy?

“The Departed” did such a good job ripping off the best bits from the first film in the Hong Kong-made “Infernal Affairs” trilogy, why not do the rest.

Speaking with AceShowbiz, actor Mark Wahlberg suggests that Martin Scorsese is asking round about a sequel and Wahlberg thinks there may be a new cast for a sequel and a prequel with the cast of the current film:

“We may do another one, because it’s based on a Hong Kong film [‘Infernal Affairs’], and there is a trilogy…So we may do a sequel with a new cast, and a prequel and bring back the rest of the guys..They’re talking to Robert De Niro and a couple of other people”

The quotes sound a little disjointed, and it would mark the first time Scorsese did a direct sequel to one of his films, but is an interesting consideration nonetheless.

The news comes as ABC News reports that a Chinese state-run distributor has rejected the film from release in mainland China.