DePalma On Untouchables Prequel

Brian DePalma revealed to MTV News last week that “The Untouchables: Capone Rising,” his planned prequel to 1987’s award-winning “The Untouchables,” is likely to be his next film. This prequel will detail “[Jimmy Malone]’s relationship with Capone during Capone’s rise” says the helmer.

DePalma also confirmed that Gerard Butler is still locked to play the role which Sean Connery won an Oscar for two decades ago. The young Capone remains uncast and whilst Nicolas Cage was attached, he is no longer on board.

DePalma also plans to keep it consistent – “I would like to use a lot of the original music from ‘The Untouchables,’ and the original locations in Chicago.It’s got a lot of fabulous set pieces in it. It will be a lot of fun to do.”