DePalma Gets Redacted In Iraq

Having dealt with badly behaved soldiers in Vietnam indulging in group rape in 1989’s “Casualties of War”, director Brian DePalma is going back to the issue for an even more disturbing drama.

In April the “Black Dahlia” director will begin work on “Redacted”, what sounds like a pseudo-documentary film based on the recent events surrounding the rape and murder of a 14-year old Iraqi girl, and the killing of three of her family members by four US soldiers.

According to Production Weekly, the most surprising is that the film’s narrative will be told using a mixture of video from news broadcasts, documentary footage, trial coverage, YouTube posts and excerpts from one of the soldier’s video blogs.

The killings have been the most provocative in a series of war crimes and mishandled bungles that have tarnished the reputation of US armed forces in Iraq.