Denzel Washington Set As “The Equalizer”

Sony Pictures has set an April 8th shooting start date for its update of the classic 80’s TV series “The Equalizer” reports Deadline.

Richard Wenk recently submitted a script that has rushed the project into gear. The previously linked Denzel Washington remains onboard with his deal being closed now.

Budgeted at a tight $50 million, the project is being seen as a potential franchise launcher with numerous directors about to meet with the studio for the job of helming it. Names on the list include the likes of Pierre Morel (“Taken”), Nicolas Winding Refn (“Drive”), Gavin O’Connor (“Warrior”) and Gareth Evans (“The Raid”).

Edward Woodward starred in the classic CBS television series about Robert McCall, a former operative of a covert intelligence organisation who seeks redemption for his dark past via offering his services to those being persecuted and in need of help.

The film keeps the basic premise, but then goes off on its own tangent with Washington as a “solitary, monastic figure who hates injustice and devotes himself to helping people who are being victimized.”