Dennis Hopper Caught in Crash

Film icon Dennis Hopper has been set to star in “Crash,” the first original drama series from Starz Entertainment, based on the Academy Award®-winning Best Picture.

The 13-episode one-hour series, co-produced with Lionsgate, has begun production in Albuquerque, New Mexico with additional filming to take place in and around Los Angeles. Hopper plays Ben, a maverick music producer looking for his last big score.

He joins Clare Carey as a frustrated Brentwood mom, married to a successful pre-bust real estate developer; Luis Chavez as a poor immigrant who embarks on a brutal journey to America; Ross McCall as a cop more interested in joyriding than paperwork; Jocko Sims as Ben’s driver; Brian Tee as a Korean-American immigrant who works as an EMT; and Arlene Tur as a former actress who becomes a police officer.

Set in Los Angeles, the series will continue to focus on an ensemble cast of characters. It will explore the complexities of social tolerance in contemporary America by digging into the meaning of what it takes to reach the American dream. Characters will intertwine and crash into each other, coming face to face with the daily hurdles and obstacles that threaten to get in the way of achieving that dream.

Sanford Bookstaver (“Jericho,” “Bones,” “The O.C.”) will direct the premiere episode of the drama, which will debut on Starz in October.