Denials: Potter, Watchmen, Mummy

“Representatives for all three actors linked yesterday to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” – Naomi Watts, Stuart Townsend and Joseph Fiennes – have denied reports of their involvement in the project…” (full details)

“In an interview with Fanboy Radio, Thomas Jane has denied involvement in the film adaptation of acclaimed comic “Watchmen”. Jane was tied to the role of the cigar-chomping, gun-toting vigilante-turned-paramilitary agent The Comedian who was revealed today as being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan…” (full details)

“Anthony Wong, NOT the one who appeared in “The Matrix” but shares the same name, is starring in the third “The Mummy” film subtitled “The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”. Wong is currently in Montreal rehearsing. Talk of Alex Pettyfer’s reincorporation are also likely false…” (full details)