Denial Ain’t Just An Egyptian River

The big trouble with entertainment news reporting these days? Lack of patience.

In the race to get the big scoops, the sad truth is reports that pop up (especially online) often turn out false or more often partially incorrect (most often taking something out of context) – yet shorter attention spans means people seem far less bothered by this than they used to be.

Still, there’s messes to clean up. Here’s a look at some recent big rumor and talk that has been shot down in the last few days:

Paramount reps and J.J. Abrams himself still claim that only the official site mentioned in the “1-18-08” trailer before “Transformers” IS the only site linked to the project. ALL the others, from the Ethan Haas blog onwards, have no connection with the film’s marketing.

Lucasfilm has denied claims that Shia LaBeouf had signed a contract which included options for three more “Indiana Jones” sequels.

Megan Fox will NOT star in the Platinum Dunes/Rogue Pictures collaboration “Half to Death.”

A trade article on films of Summer 2010 mentions “Bond 23” for sometime that year, but many are mistaking that reference for a Summer 2010 release – despite the previous films all being released in the Fall for well over a decade.