“Demolition Man” Taco Bell Comes To Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con is famous for its pop-ups tied to films and TV and this year the crowds in San Diego will get to celebrate the 25th anniversary of cult sci-fi action film “Demolition Man” with a new one which boasts a futuristic Taco Bell.

The Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock-led film was set years in the future in a time when the ‘franchise wars’ were over and so every restaurant left standing was now a Taco Bell. It was also a society where three seashells are used in lieu of toilet paper.

The pop-up will be open from 6pm-midnight, nightly, from July 18th to 22nd at 658 Fifth Ave in San Diego. The food is free and no Comic-Con badge is required.

Source: SDCC Blog