Demme Helms New Shawn/Gregory Project

Nearly two decades after they shook up the art house cinema world with cult classics “My Dinner With Andre” and “Vanya on 42nd Street”, creators Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory are re-teaming for a new project which Jonathan Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs,” “Rachel Getting Married”) will direct reports The New York Times.

The sub-$1 million film is being described as an adaptation of Ibsen’s “Master Builder”, the story of an architect (Shawn) increasingly caught up in his own fantasies. Julie Hagerty will star as his wife, Lisa Joyce as his young admirer and Gregory as an aging employee of the architect.

Both Shawn or Gregory had issues with the original translation and went back to the original Norwegian text. With the help of an Ibsen scholar, Shawn carefully translated the play himself and made “cuts and changes of emphasis and interpretation”.

The film will be shot in just a few days sometime this Spring at New York’s East Village art club ‘The Pen and Brush’. Louis Malle helmed the pair’s previous two films, he passed away in 1995.