Delpy On A 3rd “Before”, Quinto On 2nd “Trek”

Julie Delpy says that despite her apparent retirement from acting, she’s keeping her option open for a third film in Richard Linklater’s romantic “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” series.

“we’re thinking about [a third film], but the second one we only did because we had a good setup, and ideas. I don’t think we would do it if we find the right thing to say. If the third one’s not good, it’s not good for the two before. we’re careful. we’re thinking about it, but it’s not official” she tells Entertainment Weekly

Meanwhile, Zachary Quinto has revealed that despite there being no writers strike and plenty of time beforehand, changes are still being made to the script for the “Star Trek” reboot’s sequel which is currently filming in Los Angeles.

“It was the middle of December and finally I had to be like, ‘We need to read the script’. They waited a pretty long time, but that’s because they were working on it. There was a writer’s strike the first time so they weren’t able to let the script evolve. Now it’s really changing… on a regular basis” he tells E! Online.