Deleted “Batman” Scene Teases “Squad”

During filming of David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” in Toronto last year, it was quickly revealed that Ben Affleck would return as Bruce Wayne/Batman from “Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice” for an appearance in ‘Squad’ – something confirmed in set photos and trailers.

Now, new details have emerged about another connection between the films, all tying back to deleted scenes from ‘Dawn’ that show up in the upcoming ‘Ultimate Edition’ of the movie which will hit stores in July. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition” will debut on Digital HD June 28th ahead of its release on Blu-ray, DVD, and Ultra HD Blu-ray on July 19th.

As we know that edition will contain a half-hour of footage not seen in the theatrical cut. CBM has reportedly scored an early copy and says it includes a scene that seemingly lays the ground work for Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) putting in an appearance in “Suicide Squad”:

“In an extended version of their confrontation at the end of the movie, Lex makes it clear that he knows Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same, and taunts the Dark Knight because he’s too insane to ever stand trial for his actions. However, he doesn’t have the last laugh as it turns out that Batman has made the necessary arrangements to have Lex moved to Arkham Asylum, something which quickly wipes the smirk off the villain’s face. So, will he meet The Joker in Suicide Squad? It now feels like a very real possibility.”

Rumors have swirled about Lex Luthor’s inclusion in “Suicide Squad,” but they have never been confirmed. This doesn’t as well, but does suggest it’s possible. We’ll find out next month when reviews for ‘Squad’ start coming in. Eisenberg has indicated that he’ll return in the role in the “Justice League” films.