Delays & Changes In Store On DH

After working all through Xmas & New Years, there’ll be a few delays this week on updates due to me taking my first ‘more than one day off’ holiday since last July.

Thanks to the wonders of wireless Net techonology though, I’ll still be putting out updates from my current locale somewhere near a famous ancient city in South East Asia. So no, it’s not a full holiday sans computer (haven’t had one of those in since 2001).

It is my first trip though since a health problem I’ve had starting late August last year, one which I’m sadly stuck with permanently. Thankfully the worst seems to be over, last November being the worst month of my life due to a whole range of physical problems hitting at once and not helped by being put on many of the prescription drugs the late Heath Ledger was on when he died. Thus when I hear bloggers complaining about their week-long cold from Sundance I have to shake my head at all the whinging.

I also have to thank all of you for your kind words and understanding with the delays and sporadic updating that has hit the site in recent months. In the past, I never bothered even mentioning my trips as I always do my work from wherever I’m at with little to no disruption. However there has been some disruption already today with articles not being posted like they should, whilst I’ll be in some very remote areas and am already in an odd timezone which will make updating a little unusual. Things will be back to normal this time next week though.

There’s also good news in store for long-term readers. Something has been in the works for almost a year and in the next few months you’ll see it begin to work its way onto the site. For those who remember the last great change back in late 2003 will understand when I say ‘Phase Three is Coming’. You can help as well, just e-mail in a quick comment about what you would like to see added or changed on the site (try and avoid the most obvious like less ads and RSS feeds – both of which are already in the works).