del Toro To Produce “Tales of Arcadia” Series

Guillermo del Toro is expanding his fantasy universe on Netflix, confirming at the second season launch of the “Trollhunters” animated series that it is actually the first in a trilogy of fantastical shows set within the same universe going under the moniker ‘The Tales of Arcadia’.

All set in the fictional town of Arcadia, what looks like an ordinary town is actually at the center of magical and mystical lines that make it a hot spot for fantastical creatures like trolls, aliens and wizards. The second season of “Trollhunters” will segue into the series “3 Below” in 2018 and “Wizards” in 2019.

“3 Below” will focus on two royal teen aliens and their bodyguard who flee a surprise takeover of their home planet by an evil dictator. On the run from intergalactic bounty hunters, they crash land in Arcadi and struggle to blend in and adapt to the bizarre world of high school all the while attempting to repair their ship.

“Wizards” will then bring together the worlds of trolls, aliens and wizards who are all hiding out in Arcadia. This final chapter will involve an apocalyptic battle for the control of magic 0 a battle that will determine the fate of the various supernatural worlds established throughout the trilogy.

“Trollhunters Part 2” will premiere on Netflix on December 15th and stars the voices of Anton Yelchin, Kelsey Grammer, Ron Perlman, Steven Yeun, Anjelica Huston, Mark Hamill, and Lena Headey.