del Toro Talks “Mansion” & “Madness”

Putting in an appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro spoke with Collider about two of his upcoming film projects – the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation “At the Mountains of Madness” and the 3D “Haunted Mansion” reboot.

‘Mansion’ will be PG-13 and will be a “dark ride”. The storyline was turned in last week to Disney Pictures along with the first few key concept drawings. Matthew Robbins is penning the script and will begin work in about a month, then the studio will make a decision in January which is when he’ll decide whether to direct it himself or let someone else take the reigns.

On ‘Madness’, Dennis Muren has been hired to design the monsters which won’t be like anything you’ve ever seen says the director. At present the film still isn’t greenlit, but he’s talking with Lovecraft scholars for their input on the script and he hopes to make the movie without interference.

del Toro also intends to produce three video games over the next ten years.