del Toro Talks His Post-“Hobbit’ Plans

It has been a little while since Guillermo del Toro left “The Hobbit”. Now, talking with Collider and Sci-Fi Wire during the recent Saturn Awards, the acclaimed director claims he hasn’t yet picked what’s next for him.

“I want to be, if possible, shooting in May next year… So I need something that is ready to go into preproduction immediately” says del Toro who apparently is deciding between three different scripts said to be in the running.

It’s likely the choice will be made very soon and then announced at Comic-Con in a few weeks, with the current favourite being a film he started to develop back in the mid-90’s but couldn’t get it going. “It went completely into a beautiful roundabout way and came back to me” says del Toro.

He’s also been linked to both another “Hellboy” and a new “Frankenstein” adaptation which he confirmed are both still in the works, but neither will ready to head into production until after his next project.

del Toro also revealed some very disheartening news, his dream project of adapting H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” is still a long way away. “I would love to be doing ‘Mountains Of Madness,’ but still, even now, it’s very difficult for the studios to take the step of an R-rated, tentpole movie, with a tough ending, no love story” says del Toro.