Del Toro Taking A Sabbatical From Directing

Beloved filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is set to take a year off from directing.

As part of a group interview at the Hotel Virrey de Mendoza in the Mexican city of Morelia, he has confirmed to Variety that he won’t be diving into his immediate next project following the soon to open “The Shape of Water”: “I’m taking a sabbatical for a year as a director. I was going to do ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ but after ‘The Shape of Water’ I need to take pause.”

“Fantastic Voyage” was set to begin a lengthy pre-production process in the spring ahead of a Fall 2018 shoot. Now its schedule and even its fate are unclear.

Del Toro adds that he has two projects with Bertha Navarro which he’s studying, and he’s talking about producing a film by Patricia Riggen. He also still hasn’t finished the script for a black and white film titled “Silver” about a masked Mexican wrestler who discovers that politicians are vampires and decides to take them down.