Del Toro, Fuqua To Do Shorts For Quibi

Del Toro Fuqua To Do Shorts For Quibi

DreamWorks co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman have announced Quibi, a new short-form content mobile subscription platform developing ‘quick bite’ content – programs that are only 10-15 minutes long.

In fact four major Hollywood power players are already on board to develop shows for the new service – Guillermo del Toro, Antoine Fuqua, Sam Raimi and Blumhouse Productions head Jason Blum. Katzenberg and Whitman revealed the news at the Vanity Fair New Establishment summit this week along with details on the launch shows:

“Wolves and Villagers” – Blum’s project is dubbed ‘Fatal Attraction 2.0’.
“Dog Day Afternoon” – Fuqua is developing a modern version of Sidney Lumet’s 1975 classic.
“50 States of Fear” – Sam Raimi’s series about the scariest folklore from each U.S. state

del Toro is reportedly working on multiple projects for the service. Each episode of these shows will be approximately ten minutes long, with aims of producing either 12 episode/two-hour or 24 episode/four-hour runs. The company has already raised $1 billion in funding and is said to have the backing of every major Hollywood studio.

Source: Variety