Del Toro Confirmed For “Crimson Peak”

Guillermo Del Toro looks to have finally settled on his post-“Pacific Rim” project – the haunted house thriller “Crimson Peak”.

Legendary Pictures, which is producing ‘Rim’, has closed a deal with the filmmaker to pick up the project from Universal Pictures where it was originally setup. Universal retains an option to also finance at a later date.

Lucinda Coxon has been hired to rewrite del Toro and Matthew Robbins’ script.

Del Toro says the project is a very set-oriented, contemporary take on classic ghost story films like the original “The Haunting” and “The Innocents”.

Shooting aims to begin February 2014 after del Toro has wrapped work on both ‘Rim’, the pilot for “The Strain” series at FX, and voice work on his stop-motion animated Pinocchio movie.

del Toro also says Legendary is keen on helping him move forward with his long-running dream project – the adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”.

Source: THR