Degrees, Donnellys, Heaven Cancelled

Man television is brutal. Some old shows are calling it quits at the end of the season, but the big news in the last few days has been the succinct cancellation of various new shows – some which had barely left the ground.

The most notable cut was NBC’s high-profile, Paul Haggis-created crime drama “The Black Donnellys”. Debuting to eight million viewers in February, the show has since dwindled to 5.4 million and seems very likely not to return. Its timeslot will be replaced with the reality series “The Real Wedding Crashers” for the rest of the season.

No surprise came with the news that ABC has officially cancelled “Six Degrees”, the high-profile ensemble drama. After debuting to 12 million viewers it then bled much of that and was pulled from the air. A return from break a few weeks ago, couple with a big push to give it another go, scored even worse.

David E. Kelley’s dramedy “The Wedding Bells” has ceased production, but the FOX network plans to air three more episodes despite dismal ratings. Finally The CW will officially wrap “7th Heaven,” this time for real, on May 13th after an astonishing 11-year run.

The one bit of really good news? “30 Rock” has scored a second season. Yay!!!