“Defenders” Art & “Jessica Jones” Casting

Netflix’s “Marvel’s The Defenders” event series has wrapped production and is on the way to our screens in August, while the second season of “Jessica Jones” has now begun filming.

This week, The Hashtag Show purportedly scored a casting call for four new series regular roles on ‘Jones’ with details about each character. One is a 60 year-old male of open ethnicity described as a “scientist & freethinker” and is a regular throughout this one season.

One is a late 30s African American male who is “intelligent, driven, self-assured” and recurring. One is a mid-late 30s Latino male who is “artistic, paternal, smart, scruffy and hip,” and finally one is an early-mid 30s edgy, dark haired bisexual woman who was educated as a nurse but has a history of living on the streets.

Also this week, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada shared via Twitter a special piece of artwork he did for “The Defenders” cast and crew to celebrate that show’s wrap. Check that out below.