Dee Williams Returns For More “Star Wars”?

When it was announced that the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” cast would include the stars of the original trilogy, one notable absence was that of Billy Dee Williams.

Whilst many hope Williams will return in a cameo appearance in the film, it now appears LucasFilm is saving him for one of the future films – be it a sequel or spin-off. Williams recently spoke with CineLinx about his guest starring role on the animated “Star Wars Rebels” series and seemed quite upbeat about his chances of returning:

“Yeah, people were pretty upset about it. But I uh…I may very well…I have a feeling I’m going to show up. There’s nothing I can really discuss about it at this stage….Can’t imagine them not bringing Lando back…We’ll have to wait and see…”

Williams also says he has not seen anything from ‘Force Awakens’ and is unaware of what goes on in the film:

“I have no idea what they’ve done with it, but I imagine that they’re staying true to form. With J.J. Abrams and Disney participating in it, I would imagine it has to be pretty formidable.”

In other news, Making Star Wars claims to have seen a promo photo featuring Carrie Fisher in character in the film and have posted an artist sketch based on that glimpse. Click the link to check it out.