“Death Note” Is “Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ For Teens”

Jeremy Slater, a producer on FOX’s upcoming “The Exorcist” TV series, was at one point also attached to a more intriguing sounding supernatural project – “The Guest” and “Blair Witch” director Adam Wingard’s film adaptation of the manga “Death Note” at Netflix.

Due to scheduling issues with “The Exorcist,” Slater departed before Wingard came onboard. Now, out doing ‘Exorcist’ promo rounds, he explains to Collider his final involvement in “Death Note” and what we can expect from the film:

“They brought on another writer, Kyle Killen, who is incredibly talented. I know he did the final production rewrites on my script. There’s an entire arbitration process on who wrote what, but I think they used quite a bit of my script, as a jumping off point.

I think it’s going to be really special, not only because Adam Wingard is such a fabulously talented director, but I think we really found a cool, fun approach to Death Note where we narrowed in on what it is. It’s the movie Heat, except with teenagers, and one of those teenagers has superpowers.

It’s much darker, much funnier, and much more exciting than I think people are anticipating. We’re also trying really hard to stay true to that great moral complexity of the source material.”

Slater was also attached to a TV series adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic “The Umbrella Academy”. Again his ‘Exorcist’ commitments will keep him from it, but he did pen the pilot and says it’s very true to the spirit of the book which he calls “The Royal Tenenbaums with superpowers” and has its own unique DNA.

Both ‘Umbrella’ and “Death Note” are expected to premiere next year.