Dear John Takes Out “Avatar”

Many expected it would be the return of Mel Gibson or the ‘Wolfman’ remake that would do it, but in an interesting twist it was the young romantic drama “Dear John” which pushed James Cameron’s sci-fi epic “Avatar” from the top spot at the weekend box-office after seven weeks of unchallenged supremacy.

‘John’ scored a much stronger than expected $32.4 million weekend opening in North America, outdoing the eighth weekend of “Avatar” which came in second with $23.6 million. Cameron’s film is currently sitting on a $2.2 billion global haul, $630 million of which from the US.

Meanwhile at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, James Cameron was asked by Coming Soon about how the sequel’s story is progressing. Cameron says “I definitely have a story arc in mind for the second film and even on a very vague base for a third film. That doesn’t mean we’ll do a third film – it doesn’t mean we’ll stop at a third film. We’ll just have to see where it goes.”

The other big question of course, will it be his next project? “That hasn’t been decided yet.”