Deakins To Film “Sicario” & “Caesar” Next?

One cinematographer who has built a fan base all his own over the years is Rodger Deakins. It’s no surprise though considering Deakins has been responsible for the stunning visual looks of films like “Skyfall,” “Prisoners,” “The Assassination of Jesse James,” “Jarhead,” and much of the output of the Coen brothers.

He recently wrapped Angelina Jolie’s WW2 tale “Unbroken,” and many are now curious as to what he’s doing next. Asked that very question by fans on his website’s message boards, Deakins revealed his next two assignments.

The first is a re-teaming with “Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve, the pair are prepping “Sicario” which deals with an Arizona cop (Emily Blunt) who travels across the border to Mexico with a pair of Delta Force rangers turned mercenaries to track down a drug lord. That film shoots later this summer.

The second? “I hope to be working with the Coen Brothers later in the year.” That project he’s referring to is likely their proposed “Hail Caesar”. Deakins also dismissed the rumor that the Coen brothers will shoot the film in digital for the first time, saying “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Source: The Playlist