“Deadwood” Telemovie To Film In Fall 2018?

Fans have wanted it for a decade, proper talk of it potentially returning has taken place over the past two years, and now finally – there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel for HBO’s “Deadwood”.

TV Line reports that, though the project has yet to receive a formal green light, the long in the works “Deadwood” telemovie revival is targeting a Fall 2018 date to start production.

Serious talk of the project actually making a comeback began in August 2015, and earlier this year creator David Milch confirmed he had turned in a script that would appeal to fans and non-fans alike. HBO programming boss Casey Bloys added that the ‘script is terrific’ and has been talking to directors, while it has been confirmed that former cast members have been approached about their availability and are apparently inclined to do the project.

Deadline adds that there’s long been rumor the work will focus on the town burning (which actually happened in September 1879) and saloon impresario Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) fleeing by barge.