“Deadwood” Star Offers Update On The Film

Earlier this year, the dream of many a “Deadwood” fan over the past decade seem to come true – a “Deadwood” movie. HBO’s new programming head Casey Bloys revealed that creator David Milch was currently at work writing a “Deadwood” TV movie that would finally bring us the closure the show deserved.

Which members of the main cast would be involved and how far after the show’s third and final season it would be set still isn’t clear at this point, but one of the show’s stars has a bit of an update.

Kim Dickens, who played Joanie Stubbs in the show and is now the lead on AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” told EW this week that she’s talked with Milch about returning to the role and that she’s already heard at least one of the scene from the film read aloud:

“I know he’s writing…I know lots of us have had our lunches with him. I’ve had my lunch with him, personally. We sat at lunch and he read a few scenes to me between Stubbs, Tolliver, and Jane… He read all the parts. It was amazing, it was funny, it was sad. It was all that it was.”

This would seem to confirm that both Powers Boothe’s Cy Tolliver and Robin Weigert’s Calamity Jane will be back as well. Of course the two key players are Ian McShane’s Al Swearengen and Timothy Olyphant’s Sheriff Bullock, both actors have expressed a desire to return but much of the cast have busy schedules and other show commitments at this point so it’ll be interesting to see how many they can get back.