Deadwood Actor Says More Won’t Happen

The pain over the abrupt loss of HBO’s western “Deadwood” years ago still hurts for many of us. Creator David Milch had planned out a fourth season, but the network axed it before it went into production.

Last month a former regular on that show, Kim Dickens, agreed with the fans saying “we all feel sort of heartbroken for it”. She also added that Milch hopes that maybe he could finish off the story.

Another former star of that series is “Sons of Anarchy” actor Dayton Callie, who played Jane and Hick’s friend Charlie Utter. He unfortunately isn’t as hopeful, the actor telling Movieweb: “It ain’t going to happen. Nah. I don’t think they can get everybody’s schedules together. I don’t see it. We all wish it would. It would be hard.”

What about the talk of a movie? Callie says: “HBO would have to make it. And they’ve never made one. So they have to make a commitment to David, they have to make a commitment to the actors. Because everyone will take time out if they’re guaranteed we’re going to do it. But don’t give us the bulls–t, ‘Oh, we think we’re going to do it!’. Maybe in January. No, I’m not going to make myself free until you make me free to do it. You know what I mean? That’s what happened in the beginning. They kept saying, ‘We’re going to do it.’ Oh, okay. On the business end we said, ‘Just give us a play or pay. Put up or shut up. Tell us you’re going to do it. And if we don’t do it, you’re still going to…Ah, they didn’t, you know…You’re not going to switch your job on an ‘Oh, maybe.'”