“Deadtown” Explores Superhero Love Interests

Deadtown Explores Superhero Love Interests

Amazon Studios and “Whip It” filmmaker Shauna Cross are teaming to develop “Deadtown,” a TV series adaptation of the 2017 superhero novella “The Refrigerator Monologues”.

Catherynne Valente penned the book which follows five recently-dead women who meet in the Purgatory known as Deadtown, where they come to the realization that all of their deaths were simply for the service of the superhero men in their lives.

In other words, their stories became ‘refrigerated’ or frozen once they’ve given the men an emotional backstory for the men. As they tell each other their stories, they discover their inner powers and decide to take back their narratives and write their own.

Entertainment One, Grey Matter Entertainment and Amazon Studios will produce the series.

Source: Deadline