Deadpool, “X-Men” Crossover Talk Muted

The “Deadpool” film is set to win its third weekend at the box office, easily trouncing all the competition despite having been out since just before Valentine’s Day.

With a sequel and/or an “X-Force” film already in the works, one that will include some fan favorite mutants from the “X-Men” comics like Cable, there’s the obvious question of whether we’ll see some characters previously portrayed in the “X-Men” films teaming with Deadpool in the near future.

Speaking with The Playlist, writers and executive producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick surprisingly indicated that further crossovers aren’t very likely – mostly due to continuity issues. Reese saying:

“If you look at the ‘Iron Man’ model they had two ‘Iron Man’ [movies] before they had an ‘Avengers,’ and if left up to us, I think that would be a very prudent path. The second issue at hand is the ‘X-Men’ universe timeline. ‘The X-Men’ series is currently set in the 1980s, ‘Deadpool,’ is set three decades later in our present day. “

Wernick adds some more:

“It’s a timeline that will eventually catch up I would imagine. But [‘X-Men’ producer] Simon [Kingberg’s] more the keeper of that universe and maybe we’ll see more X-Men playing in Deadpool’s sandbox and probably Deadpool playing in their sandbox at some point.

“Deadpool’s now become a brand and franchise unto himself, independent of the ‘X-Men’ and that’s great. And that gives the studio two franchises in one, but I think it is its own franchise, and you’ll see synergy between those two properties, but they’re two very distinct brands.”

Both Reese and Wernick have confirmed that they will have a hand in anything involving Deadpool from now on.

“We will have a hand in it. I think everything that ‘Deadpool’ is involved in we will have a hand in and it’s a universe that Ryan [Reynolds] and us are very close to and very protective of, so I do think we would absolutely involved in that franchise as well. If it’s Deadpool related, I think you’ll see some of our fingerprints on that.”

“Deadpool” is now out in cinemas.