Deadpool SNL, VFX, Comics Talk

With the Ryan Reynolds-led “Deadpool” still at the top of the box-office around much of the world, there’s still been plenty of bits of news about the Merc with the Mouth popping up over the past few days.

First up, word came last week that fans were clamoring to get Reynolds in character as Deadpool to host an episode of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”. Reynolds responded to the story in the best possible way the other day, posting this tweet which makes fun of the now infamous rant made by Kanye West recorded backstage during a taping:

Next up, there’s two new VFX breakdowns for the film which have been released and explore not just some of the impressive visuals and stunts but also how a blend of five people came together to create the Colossus character – one on the set in a mo-cap suit, one for certain action sequences, one for the facial design, one for the voice, and one to match the facial performance with the on-set performance.

Reynolds has continued giving interviews about the film, telling Empire that Taskmaster was in the script originally and that they wanted Hugh Jackman for a cameo originally, all ideas that were ditched because they were too expensive. He also is very adamant about the fact that he really did go full nude for his fight scene with Ed Skrein.

Finally, Marvel Comics has announced a five-part miniseries for June 2016 titled “Deadpool vs. Gambit” which will see Wade Wilson and Remy LeBeau working together as con artists.