“Deadpool” Scribes Talk Future “X-Men” Tone

With the action of the “X-Men” franchise either set in the past or the near future, the writers of the more comedic-toned spin-off “Deadpool” got to play around a bit with continuity in the first film.

Expect that to continue in the upcoming sequel says co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who explain to Heat Vision that they are not staying beholden to any of the timelines established by any of the other “X-Men” movies. Wernick says:

“What’s nice is Deadpool exists in his own universe. He’s part of the larger X-Men universe, but in a way he isn’t. He interacts with that world but he is in the present. We don’t deal with the ’60s or the ’70s or the future. It’s here and now.

More than anything, I think he’s going to have his fun with what they do in the other franchise. But fortunately, we don’t have to play by those same rules. Deadpool is a movie that did break all the rules. And I think we’re going to continue to break those rules.

That involves knowing that he’s in a movie, talking to the audience, breaking that fourth wall, a characteristic that they established so brilliantly in the comics way back when. So yeah, I do think that timelines are something that we can make fun of and don’t have to be slave to.”

Wernick adds that they are desperately trying to avoid overstuffing their movie with “burdensome or obligatory” setup elements for future movies. The sequel will, however, establish a tone that fans can expect from future “X-Men” films from “New Mutants” to “X-Force” and beyond. Reese says:

“The different universes tend to have different tones, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a very specific, genius tone that was set in Iron Man and has lived well beyond that into the other movies. DC tends to have its own tone, which is this dark, gritty tone.

The X-Men have their own tone, which is kind of somewhere in between. Not too funny, not too light. But not quite as dark as the DC stuff. And I think what we stumbled into was a new tone, and I haven’t seen Logan, so it’s tough to say if they have it, but I think we hope to have our own universe that is defined less by characters and timelines and things like that and more by tone.

The hope is Deadpool 2 and X-Force and future movies all be this new, consistent, sillier tone. More self-aware tone. And edgier and rated-R tone. We want to be establishing the universe but also focusing on each individual movie and not worrying too much about building a larger threat to the world or a larger plot machination.”

“Deadpool 2” starts shooting in the coming months, with the earliest possible release sometime in 2018, though specifics of dates have not yet been locked.