Deadpool Recreates Test Reel Scene

Filming is now underway in Vancouver on the much anticipated “Deadpool” film which we happily learned last week will definitely be rated R. Today, some new photos from the set have shown up and show something fans will be familiar with.

Remember that leaked test footage from a while back with an entirely CG Deadpool getting involved in a big action sequence where he leaps from overpass directly into an SUV full of bad guys? The new photos taken around the Georgia Viaduct seem to suggest that sequence is being reshot but with Ryan Reynolds in full costume this time. Head to Just Jared for the full gallery.

There’s also photos of Morena Baccarin (Copycat), Gina Carano (Angel Dust), and Ed Skrein (possibly Ajax) recently filming scenes over at Just Jared.

In recent days the cast and crew have been talking up the film. The character’s creator Rob Liefeld has given a lengthy Instragram post from the set about how he’s feeling about the character’s portrayal.

Congrats to Team Deadpool on each and every victory along the Deadpool highway! The R rating ensures the film will be unique and faithful to the amazing vision of the filmakers Tim Miller, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan freakin’ Reynolds!! DEADPOOL RANT….So you’re thinking, "of course Liefeld, you brought Deadpool to life, what else are we to expect but you to cheer, homer." Let’s get something straight, after Wolverine:Origins I went on the apology tour, for those many umpteen thousands of you who came up to me at the bazillion conventions I do and asked me "Hey, Liefeld, what did you think of Deadpool in Wolverine:Origins?" you saw me smile through gritted teeth and give a very deliberate response "Well, it’s a good start.." Because I already knew that there were plans underway to restore Deadpool and that given the opportunity, the new team that Ryan was assembling would produce the film we all wanted. But I knew that I couldn’t apologize twice, I couldn’t smile through gritted teeth any longer, this one would have to be earned. Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick came on board and wrote the most amazing, exciting, unique comic book script I’d ever read. Even my Marvel pals have confided and said, "Wow, that Deadpool script…That’s spectacular..It should get made" but it didn’t. And years passed and management at Fox passed and executives came and went, each unable to move it forward. During this time, the outstanding Tim Miller stepped into the directors chair to guide the film and from the word go, he started making things happen. I saw storyboards, costume designs and animatics. The vision was becoming a reality and that amazing test reel footage was shot and I thought for certain that the film would be on its way to a green light. Then…more waiting. And here we are, this outstanding vision is being filmed and prepared for a Feb. 12th 2016 release date. I can tell you that you are in for a cinematic comic book experience unlike any you have experienced! Deadpool is all that you’ve been waiting for and a round of applause to Tim, Rhett, Paul, Ryan and Simon Kinberg for seeing it through! #robliefeld #deadpool

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“Deadpool” opens in cinemas on February 12th 2016.

Source: Just Jared, Comic Book