“Deadpool” Helmer To Direct “Neuromancer”

“Deadpool” director Tim Miller appears to have found a new project for him and his VFX studio Blur – a film adaptation of cyberpunk author William Gibson’s 1984 seminal work “Neuromancer” for 20th Century Fox.

The story follows a skilled data-thief left washed up by vengeful former employees who crippled his nervous system. He’s hired by a mysterious employer to work on the ultimate hack – the target being an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence orbiting Earth.

Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali was attached to a previous version of the project, while the current version has Simon Kinberg attached to produce.

Miller’s attention, for now, is focused on the resurrection of The Terminator” franchise with creator James Cameron which is being developed at Paramount Pictures and Skydance. He’s also attached to Fox’s “Influx,” a Mark Bomback-penned adaptation of the Daniel Suarez novel.

Source: Deadline