Deadpool Has A Second Credits Scene

All the Marvel Stuios films have done it, and several of the “X-Men” films have done it, so it comes as little surprise that the release of “Deadpool” this coming week will see the inclusion of a post-credits stinger.

In fact several critical reviews of the film have already revealed details about the stinger they’ve seen at the end of the credits, a standalone gag making fun of these kinds of stingers in general.

What has been revealed today though by the film’s co-writer Rhett Reese is that there’s a “second coda,” another stinger, that is not on any of the early preview prints and won’t be seen until the film hits cinemas later this week.

Reviews for the film have been very much raves so far, praising the humor, fourth-wall breakage and tone though criticising the script and storyline for its plot and some weak characters (namely the villains).

A tie in video is also out today with Olivia Munn showing off her sword-swinging skills from “X-Men: Apocalypse” taking on Reynolds armed with… well, you’ll see.