Deadpool Gets An R Rating

The verdict is now in and Ryan Reynolds himself has confirmed that the upcoming “Deadpool” movie will score an R-rating.

The news was released in the best possible way. In recent weeks we’ve been hearing that there was fighting behind the scenes of the production with 20th Century Fox wanting to make the movie a PG-13 whereas the cast and crew wanted to do an R-rated film which was more suitable to the material.

JoBlo posted up an April Fools article this morning suggesting that the film had secured a PG-13 rating. Reynolds followed that up with some tweets.

Then came a specially crafted report made with the help of Extra’s Mario Lopez and Reynolds himself which got down to the truth about the rating, and in the process showed off the new costume on video for the first time.

Later in the day, Reynolds followed that up with this tweet:

That settles it. The R-rated “Deadpool” opens in cinemas early next year.