Deadpool Director Wants Cable For Sequel

With the rave reception to the first “Deadpool” trailer at Comic Con and again last night with the first trailer’s online release, it’s of little surprise that those involved in the Ryan Reynolds-led R-rated comic book adaptation have already been thinking about sequel ideas.

Speaking with Empire for a feature article dissecting the new trailer, the film’s director Tim Miller says that he knows which villain he may use in a second film were it to go forward – X-Force leader Cable:

“We had Garrison Kane in there for a while, but in the final round of budget cuts we had to take him out, because he was a pretty expensive dude. He’s got these bionic arms that change shape; he would have been a visual effect for a large part of the movie.

And as it turned out, a visual effect too far. I went through the list of Marvel characters and picked a few others I thought could be visually spectacular and fun. And at the end of that list was Negasonic. Her name was cool, and we kind of wanted a straight-man to play against Colossus.

We thought about Cannonball, but he would’ve been a stupid hick character, whereas the guys wrote Negasonic as this deadpan goth teen, which was a great angle. She turned out really well. There aren’t really many definitive Deadpool villains, apart from Cable. If we don’t put Cable in Deadpool 2 I think we’ll be run out of town on a rail.”

Miller also talked about Colossus’ appearance in the movie and how they essentially couldn’t keep that role and its recasting secret:

“We were never going to be able to keep Colossus as a secret. He was in the script that leaked and all that. I wasn’t actually sure, until we were standing there shooting it, that at some point Fox was going to say, ‘Hold on a second; we can’t put Colossus from our treasured X-Men franchise in this movie to be made fun of!’

But they did, and not only that, but also they let me change the look of him. As a fanboy I’ve always been like, ‘That dude with the shiny skin is not fucking Colossus.’ He should be this monstrous guy, and they actually let me make him seven-and-a-half feet tall.

I did actually call Daniel Cudmore to ask him if he wanted to do this, even though he’d be entirely CG the whole time. He was very nice about it. He was like, ‘I appreciate your offering, but nah.'”

Miller confirms the use of the bridge shot in the trailer is a direct nod to the leaked proof of concept trailer whose viral success got the film greenlit. The scene in question has Wade (Ryan Reynolds) waiting for Ajax to get out of prison and drive by because he thinks Ajax can fix his face.

Click here of the full piece. “Deadpool” opens February 12th next year.