“Deadpool 2” Testing Reports Shot Down

Over the weekend several social media posts surfaced suggesting the first test screenings for the “Deadpool” sequel went badly with execs at Fox allegedly confused by the reaction. Some were taken down apparently at the order of Fox, others suggested extensive reshoots were taking place.

While test screenings for the film have happened, some of the reporting on this seemed sketchy – especially as the reshoots on the film already took place back in January, had long been scheduled and were done fairly quickly (and before the most recent test screening). Now some further sources have come forward with both Marvel Studios News and Collider weighing in and according to them, scores from the test screenings were high with each scoring over a 90. Collider chief Steve Weintraub says on Twitter:

“Have seen a completely untrue report of ‘Deadpool 2’ testing poorly. From what I heard the first two test screenings both scored over 90 with the second one scoring close to the top mark. I’ve also spoken to people that saw it. Everyone said it’s excellent. Fans will love.”

Additionally both the original complaints and Marvel Studios News suggest what issue people have had with the film is not with the tone or gags, but rather the plot. The film is trying to be different, so much so it includes a twist which “sounded rather brilliant [but] may bother some fans” and could be as discussion-inducing as the Mandarin twist in “Iron Man 3”.

However those the site has spoken to who’ve seen the film said the reveal didn’t bother them. The first “Deadpool” scored a decent 65/100 with critics on Metacritic, but was a massive hit both at the box-office and with its target audience. The R-rated “Deadpool 2,” starring cuddle buddies Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin, opens in cinemas on May 18th.