“Deadpool 2” Shuts Down Production

Earlier this week came the news that a stunt performer was tragically killed on the set of the “Deadpool” sequel whilst performing a stunt on a motorcycle which lost control and crashed through a plate-glass window.

Today the identity of the woman has now been revealed to be Joi “SJ” Harris, known for being the first African-American female professional road racer with over 1,500 hours of practice under her belt prior to the incident.

Even more tragically, this marked her first movie as a stunt performer, standing in for Zazie Beetz’s Domino character during the stunt. A source says Harris had two full days of rehearsals and ran the stunt at least five times before actually filming.

As a result of this, Deadline reports production on the film has been shut down indefinitely following the fatal incident and Vancouver Police are currently conducting an investigation.

The film’s director David Leitch had this to say in a statement about the incident: “I’m deeply saddened by the loss of one of our stunt performers today. No words can express how I and the rest of the Deadpool 2 crew feel about this tragedy. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and loved ones in this difficult time.”