“Deadpool 2” Compared To “Rush Hour”

Whereas the first “Deadpool” film told a superhero tale from the perspective of an R-rated meta-comedy, it looks like the sequel is going for something a bit more common – the buddy cop movie.

The character’s creator Rob Liefeld says that with the addition of Josh Brolin as Cable, the new film will be like a filthier take on the “Rush Hour” movies. He tells ComicBook.com:

“[Josh Brolin’s] such a great actor, that’s where it starts, and gravitas, and who else really is going to hold their ground with Ryan as Wade/Deadpool? That is energy unbridled, and so you’ve gotta hold your ground. When I see the two of them I’m like ‘It’s going to be comic book’s equivalent to Rush Hour’, and I don’t know if comic fans are ready for it. I think it’s going to be great.”

A few weeks into filming, director David Leitch has nothing but compliments to throw Brolin’s way. He tells IGN:

“When he graciously agreed to do the role, Ryan and I were through the roof; we love him. He’s such a great actor, he brings a humanity to Cable, but he also has the depth of acting chops to hang with the comedy when needed. He’s bringing that character to life in the short twelve days we’ve been shooting and I couldn’t be happier.”

Brolin himself has posted a photo on his social media accounts showing off the results that all the gym training has had on his body in preparation for the role. “Deadpool 2” opens June 1st 2018.